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Healee has developed a referral feature, empowering practitioners to seamlessly transfer patients from one professional to another. This streamlined process is designed to enhance collaboration and ensure a smooth transition for patients.

The steps of a standard referral process include:

  1. The practitioner goes to the patient’s profile and clicks “Refer to another specialist” from the three-dot menu in the top-right corner.
  2. The referring practitioner chooses another specialist from the list searching by name and/or specialty, and then sends off the request. The referring one can also add an optional message that the second practitioner will be able to review.
  3. Depending upon the setup, there might be an interim stage before the request is sent off to the second practitioner. In this case, there will be an approval process by the patient:
  • If the patient accepts, the referral request moves on to the second practitioner.
  • If the patient rejects, the request is not forwarded to the second practitioner and the referring one sees the patient’s response in their respective message thread.
  1. A new thread (if one does not already exist) is created between the two practitioners where the latter one sees the request along with the optional message (if any) typed by the referring one. Whatever their response might be, it will become visible to the former one. The options are:
  • If the second practitioner accepts, a new thread is created between them and the patient.
  • If they reject, the referring practitioner sees their decision but the patient does not, and no new thread is created with said patient.
  1. Depending upon the replica setup, the patient will see an approved referral in their new thread but they might also have a booking prompt in the form of a button. Clicking them will lead them to the profile and calendar of the second practitioner, if they have a practice in the scheduling portal. If not, no such prompt will appear.