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Patients can add family members to their account in two distinct ways - either as nested or independent accounts. The replica admin decides whether to enable both account types or not.

Nested accounts provide some degree of shared access over a related account whereas independent accounts allow for no shared visibility between the two.

A primary account can add a family member account in:

  • their patient profile section
  • while booking an appointment

Patient profile section

Under the "Family" tab, the main patient account can add as many nested and independent accounts as needed.

In the case of nested accounts, the main account has to add all of the necessary information and can edit it later on. However, the added family member cannot log in separately and change their data on their own.

On the contrary, independent accounts can be invited by the main account but they can alter their originally input data. The inviting account cannot make any changes to or view their data.

The invitee will receive an email notification to confirm that they want to be added as a related account. If they have not registered yet in Healee, they will also be prompted to do so.

Once they have accepted the invitation, the one that has invited them will be able to review that in the "Family" panel where nested & independent accounts are displayed.

When selecting a nested account, the main one can review & change their data, including medical variables, e-prescriptions and files exchanged in the platform.

Booking flow

Patients can also book on behalf of nested accounts and add a new one while in the booking process by clicking "Add new family member", which opens up a pop-up screen with the identical fields to be found on the patient profile addition page.

If an appointment has been booked on behalf of a related account, this will be made visible both in the appointment card and in the message threads section where practitioners will be able to interact in separate threads with each patient.

The practitioner can also select any of the two patient profiles and review their related accounts, which are displayed below the name (including the type of account - whether nested or independent).