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Practitioner profile

There are instances where administrators, rather than practitioners, are tasked with creating practitioner profiles. In this section, we will guide you through the process of creating accounts and setting up profiles directly from the administrative interface.

Creating & verifying a practitioner's profile

The starting point for populating practitioners’ details, practices, available slots, etc. is the creation of their personal accounts and profiles within Healee telehealth and scheduling apps (for flows including online scheduling).

Each created account needs to get verified in order to be fully operational in the system. This verification is always done by an admin.

When creating the accounts, admins are required to fill in a set of fields such as first & last name, interface language and password details. They can choose between setting and communicating the password to the practitioner, or simply select the option per which a prompt to complete the registration & enter their own password is sent to the specialist. The admin assigns to the practitioner a certain role associated to the level of permissions they have in the system.

Admins can populate further details into the profiles such as phone number, years of experience, specialty & spoken languages. They can also attach a coordinator to each practitioner - usually an administrative assistant who helps with the organization of consultations, patient information gathering, etc. Should an AI assistant be needed, admins are the ones to activate it.

Once the practitioner profile has been created in the telehealth app, the admin can enable it on the scheduling side and create practices. The additional settings relate to activating options for online bookings, making practitioners visible in the system search tool, payment settings, entering useful information about appointment bookings, etc.

Profile fields

  • Main photo - optional.
  • Title - optional.
  • First name - mandatory.
  • Middle name - depending upon the replica setup, this field might be missing.
  • Last name - mandatory.
  • Phone number - optional; includes country code + number.
  • Email for contact - mandatory; defaults to the registration email but can be changed; however, this does not change the registration email, only the one used for system notifications.
  • Years experience - optional.
  • Specialties - optional.
  • Language - optional.
  • Coordinators - optional; allows for the selection of one or more coordinators that already exist in the platform and that will be automatically included on practitioner-patient message threads.
  • Visible in search - optional; defines whether the practitioner is visible to patients in the search area.
  • Recordings - optional; determines whether all video calls of the practitioner will be recorded and saved in message threads.
  • Specialist's assistant - optional; determines whether the Healee chatbot will be visible to the patient upon the creation of the message thread.
  • Permissions - mandatory; there are three options:
    • Default - practitioner-level access only (all practitioner accounts are automatically given this status)
    • Reporting panel - access to the reporting area only
    • Admin - access to the current admin area
  • Code - mandatory; defaults to the system-generated unique code for each user.

Admins can deactivate a practitioner either from the main list or from the "Edit" section once they have selected an individual profile. Deactivating the practitioner's account will block their access the next time that they try to enter the platform.


Tags are custom created elements in the Healee admin area which are used to facilitate the patient-practitioner matching. They are entered per practitioner and can pertain to a variety of modalities such as their specialty, symptoms they treat, their location, years of experience or else. During the initial matching process patients answer a number of questions relating to the same modalities. A cross check matching refines the results that each patient would get when searching for the right practitioner.

To access and change these at the practitioner level, the admin goes to Specialists ➝ Edit a specialist ➝ Manage tags. In order to add more individual tags to select from, the admin must go to the section on "Tags" where the master lists are created and maintained.


In order to access and make changes to the practices of an individual practitioner, admins need to either click the "Dashboard" link or the three-dots menu to the right from the main search page. This will lead them to the scheduling portal where they can review, add or edit the practitioner's practices.