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Using forms

Healee offers a diverse range of forms and questionnaires that enable providers to collect precise patient information at different points of the patient journey.

Forms are presented to patients based on the specific data that is collected and their specific stage in the journey (registration, connecting with a practitioner, etc).

Healee has 3 general types of forms:

  1. Intake forms (filled by patients during the registration process)
  2. In-thread forms (sent by the practitioner to the patient in their chat thread)
  3. Note forms (intended for the practitioner to fill in)

This topic describes how providers use forms to gather patient information.


For details on how admins create, configure and manage forms in the Admin Panel area, see Creating and setting up forms

Intake forms

Intake forms are filled in by patients as part of the registration process, allowing practitioners to gather information about the newly-registered patient.

Based on the specific intake data entered by the patient, along with pre-defined provider tags and sets of configurable filtering rules, the system can automatically match patients to specific providers or services.

Intake forms are sent to patients automatically, with the option to configure the specific event or point of the patient journey where the form is triggered.


Intake forms, provider tags and filtering rules are created and managed in the Admin Panel area. For further information, see Creating and setting up forms, Tags, and Setting up rules.

In-thread forms

In-thread forms serve practitioners in gathering necessary information about their patients either upon the creation of a message thread or later on in the patient journey.

Practitioners can send and review completed patient consent or in-thread forms within a dedicated message thread with the respective patient. Practitioners can send these forms before, during or after a consultation and the same template can be sent out multiple times to the patient to fill in. Each form is then saved in the patient’s profile upon the patient’s submission. The completed form will also be visible in the thread.

Note forms​

Note forms (also known as Provider forms) are used by providers to enter and keep track of patient information.

Unlike intake and in-thread forms, Note forms are filled in by providers and stored within the respective patient profile.

Note forms can be shared with the patient or kept private to the practitioner only. Depending upon the setup of the platform, these might be automatically shared with other practitioners upon connecting with the patient (“shared mode”) or might remain hidden and visible only to the practitioner that created them (“private mode”).