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Paid services

Paid services are utilized by practitioners to request payment in an ad-hoc manner within a message thread. These could represent the only method of payment within the platform or they could be a supplementary option to ask for payment for additional services beyond appointments and/or consultations.

Add a new service

Only admins can create the services, which will automatically become visible to practitioners to choose from.

By clicking “Add paid service”, the user will be redirected to a new page with the following options:

  • Name - used to identify the service and visible to the provider & patient as well.
  • Price - amount + currency; based on the configuration settings of the replica, practitioners might be allowed to alter this price when sending a request or not.
  • Response time (in hours) - the practitioner needs to respect this when responding to the patient. If the response time is left empty (= unlimited), the practitioner does not have any timeframe within which they are required to respond.
  • Description - visible to the practitioner and patient.

Search/edit/delete services

Admins can search by the name of an already created service, using the search bar at the top of the list. They can also edit or delete an existing service by clicking the three dots to the right of each specific service, and then and picking the respective option.

Alternative usage

There is another way of utilizing this functionality. The paid services list could also be part of a practitioner’s profile when viewed by patients. In this instance, a different workflow is followed - where the patient selects a service from the practitioner’s profile and thus initiates a thread.

This is a matter of additional configuration, which can be done by the Healee team.


Refer to the Admin Guide > Payments section for further details on how the paid services can be utilized.