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Quick intro

Welcome to the comprehensive guide for Healee, designed to seamlessly connect patients and practitioners. This document serves as an all-encompassing resource, providing detailed insights and instructions tailored for each user group. Whether you're an admin managing system functionalities, a practitioner engaging with patient cases, or a patient seeking medical guidance, this guide will navigate you through the various features and processes of our platform. In addition, the included FAQs section addresses common queries, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for all users.

Admins, practitioners, and patients are advised to stay within the "Help center" area, utilizing the menu on the left to navigate to their respective sections. This bifurcation ensures that each user group can easily find the most relevant and useful information tailored to their role, be it technical development or practical application, thus enhancing the overall efficiency and user experience on our platform.

For developers seeking technical specifics, our top navigation pane is your dedicated portal. It grants direct access to a wealth of developer-centric information, tailored to meet the needs of those delving into the technical underpinnings of our platform.